Thursday, December 5, 2013

star in the dark night

Sparkling dress. A star in the dark night. It is the reopenings- and christmas gift from Paris Fashion. Barbarella is back. She longtime was in sl as Designer Enchanted and busy with full perm designs. But she now likes it again to style her designs herself in her own creative way. So welcome back Barbarella! I also saw two gift from her at the winter market near the Paradisis shop.
This lovely winter temptation dress comes also with a scarf and sweet booties. But i wanted to show it this way, with elegant shoes from BSD and you can see the necklace, the adventsgift from this day from Coepio. In some shops you can pick -up also the gifts from the earlier days but in this shop it is just on that special advents day. So tomorrow no necklace but another gift. The hair is the advents gift from Alice Project ( i recolored it a bit).

Dress: Paris Fashion - PARIS FASHION GIFT FOR  CHRISTMAS  2013 ( free)
Necklace: Coepio  - [coepio] Christmas Gift ~ Dragon necklace ( free)
Hair: Alice Project - Alice Project Advent Calendar Gift 2013.12.4 ( free)
From inventory: Shoes - BSD; Bag- Ys &Ys.

Bye bye, Nic


Sacha said...

Hey Nic,

First: ty for all your lovely posts! I use em so much.
I was wondering with this hair from Alice Project, I got it too, but it has blue threads in it (the 'frosten' variant, I believe). You get the 'un-frosten' version from the owner, you buy it, or, how come?
I believe Alice Project will offer new, free, hair every day upcoming month. Pretty cool.
thanks again!

PS: we met today, inworld, at Paradisis.
PS2: I just read you recolored the hair. I should have read earlier :). you did it well and it's good to know they're modifiable.

Nicandra Laval said...

Hi Sacha. yes i recolored it a bit. When you need help to learn ..then write me. It was very nice to meet you inworld. :)) bye bye Nic

Mietta said...

HI Nic , love reading your blog and every entry there is always a story behind it it

Ps. the lm isn't correct one you need to walk around to find the store. The gift is group members only , there is no fee to join :)

Sorraya said...

Das Paris fashion Gift ist echt super und der Mantel von ALB auch .
Ich hoffe ich bekomme beides Sonntag Abend
Könntest du mir die LMs geben, Ich kann dann morgen Abend direkt dort hin .
Super lieb .Danke Maus

Sorraya said...

oh ich meinte den Gray Coat von Blue couture.Der ist toll..

Nicandra Laval said...

thanks all for the sweet comments .. it stimulates me to go ahead with blogging ))).Mietta sorry that the lm was wrong.. but i think you found what you wanted isn't it? And thanks for the extra info))

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