Friday, December 27, 2013

glitter days

Glitter and glam i hope to show you in the next few days of this year. At the change of the year we want be festive in glitter or glam. This cute new release from Kanou is such an example. On a feast you look sweet and glamorous in this one. I took high heels. In rl you need special balance skills to walk elegant on such high heels. ;) And after a while your toes hurt so much! In sl no problem at all. You even can dance the year away hour after hour on such shoes.
Below a dress that i bought at the Limited Bazaar at the last round. They are preparing a new round at the moment. So sorry i am too late to inform you about this one. This dress is in the casual and new releases department from the shop for normal prize now. I  recommend to visit the Sey shop. I saw such a lovely brown coctail dress for example in the evening dresses department.

Dress: Kanou - Kanou Tigist Gold (new)
Shoes: Patulas - * Patulas House Black Christmas 2013 Heels (free)
From inventroy: Hair - Catwa, jewelry -Vendome Jewelry
Wrap dress: Shey - SHEY - Wrap Dress C067
Shoes: BSD Design Studio
Pictures made at : Wispering Wind

Bye bye, Nic

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