Sunday, December 22, 2013

watch this Adam

Watch these pinguins! They walk in a row to jump in the water. Funny to see. Some days earlier i met a man named Adam. He had a picture of pinguis in his profile. That picture came from the linden library that we all have in our inventory. Now i found this place because Soraya told me about it. I hope that Adam sometimes watches this blog. I couldn't find him back because i forgot his full name. I regret that very much because i wanted show him this place. So Adam when you see my blogpost please contact me. Adam is from the UK. So when you read this info and can help me find him back, write me please.

Nic wears two nice items from Deco. Deco items are always very good. But a bit expensive. But these aren't so expensive. The sweater is 25ld and the chucks 50ld. You can find them in the shop Free*Style. I went there after a long time to see if something was new there .This is may be not new, but i just like to show it on the blog. I wear it with matching pants from chronokit.

Now i go unpack all my presents from  a very good hunt at Inspiration Point. The sim from Tee*fy, Hous of Fox, Laviere. You get 26 presents. And i guess they have a very good quality. Go there  take a map. You can find all items with the help of the map. Have a good hunting!!!

Sweater: *DECO*at the Free*Style shop - *DECO* mesh hers wooly pully (25ld)
Sneakers: **DECO at the Free*Style shop - ****DECO - MESH Classic Sneaks (camo)**(50ld)
From inventory: Hair -EMO-tions; pants- chronokit; bag- Mr. Poet.
Pictures made at: BB Estate 

Bye bye Nic

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