Monday, December 30, 2013

last day of the year.. on the threshold to 2014

The last day of the year. Time to reflect about what is gone. Like the pictures drifting behind Nic on the water. Nic went to Hazardous to sit and think. She is dressed already to party on New Years Eve. And she raises her glass for you to toast on the new year. Nic wishes  you a happy new year .. may all your dreams come true.
The end of the year is also the moment to say thanks to all my readers and followers. I am very happy with the sweet comments i sometimes unexpectedly get. And i want say thanks to the designers who sponsor me. And a toast to all the designers in sl who spoil us with great gifts and to all the designers who make beautiful surroundings in sl. A toast because of all the creativity and hard work.

Last but not least i want say thanks to my sweet helpers. I made a picture gallery with their faces to honour and surprise them.

First row from left to right:
Soraya (Maus): She always helps find new beautiful outfits. She likes it very much to do photoshoots together with Nic.
Dancer: She is so sweet. She always sends me her tips and notecards about groupgifts. And sometimes is a model on the blog.
Second row:
Verdant (Spammie for me): Very sweet friend and a family man from Bangladesh. Always gives Nic teleports to Midnight Mania boards and gifts for males and females.
Mihaly: German friend from Tirol. He always immediately lends me money when my balance is nearly zero and i can't wait till Nic's weekly money from linden arrives from her premium membership. He knows i always pay him back. He stood hour after hour near lucky boards for me to wait for the "N".
Third row:
Ukyo: Sweet helper from Mexico. He is a shy person he says. Very friendly and always helping with tips about male clothes and doing hunts for me.
Porcorosso: Amazing sweet Japanese friend ( still remember he gave me the best kimono ever in sl at new years day!). He has style and sometimes is model on my blog. He is a moviemaker in sl.
Fourth row:
Chaosfear: The Englishman in the row. There was a time when he shared his tips and was also a model for me on the blog. Now he is lesser in sl. Hope he returns and we will work together again.
Ingo: The rl partner from Soraya. He likes to be a model for this blog. Styled ofcourse by Soraya.

Dress: Paisley Daisy - Joeys Mesh Sheer Golden Sequin Gown ( i made soft yellow lingerie under it otherwise it would be to naughty Joeylin!) (J Packham Infl.)
Shoes: BSD - {{BSD Desigin studio}}Supermodel Ruffle love-gold

Bye bye all, till next year..Nic


Sorraya said...

wooooooooooooooow super maus ,,,bist du schööööööööööön.....
:-)))))) hab ich gelacht ,das ist ja süß die models ..sehr sehr süß.
danke für das tolle jahr mit tolles styles tolle fotos super schöne shootings mit dir .
Ingo und ich wünschen dir ein super schönen sylvesterabend liebe grüße an deinen mann und ganz viel spass,
prooost und auf 2014 mit vielen super schönen outfits und creationen .
das keid ist so toll .wirklich super .kompliment,.
will ich natürlich auch haben .
freue mich mit dir auf den neujahrsball in tirol ...schon jetzt denken was tragen :-))))))
lg aus köln ..Bussi von uns.

Dido Haas said...

Een fantastisch spetterend 2014 VOL met blogposts wens ik je Nic
dikke kus en veel plezier vanavond (denk om je vingers)

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