Monday, December 9, 2013

reindeer everywhere and important info

Reindeer is hot at the moment and i love it. See my cutie from BSD, that is following me all the time now. And see on the bagpack from Birdy at The Chapter Four. See my ring and necklace and see on the tree. I took some pieces from my inventory that i still love to wear very much. The coat from Aoharu. It is so quiet around that shop. I miss new releases already long time.
The groupgift boots from Coco from some time ago are also an inventory oldie but realy super. By the way Coco has 50% off sale for all the new items in the shop.
And important to tell you too is that Fishy Strawberry has a retirement sale. Everything is 25 L, Fatpacks are 100L. Items in the Outlet section are marked down to 10L.(Dec. 9th - 14th)
After that, everything will be gone for good (excluded lingerie and mesh items, that will still be available for sale).Lingerie and mesh clothes are marked 25L as well.
" It's the last chance to get all past *Fishy Strawberry* items. It's mostly system clothing with sculpt parts, but they're still ideal for layering and pants can be worn under boots." This is what Fae Eriksen wrote and i totally agree. And i am happy she will return in a new made shop.

Soraya found the cool mesh legging at marketplace for just 1ld ( top!). And i wear my new shorts from Drift from the Dressing Room Fusion again.

Backpack: Birdy at TCF - .Birdy. Deer Backpack {Pack 5}(99ld for 2 colors)
Fallen Tree with reindeer: Happy Mood - (pose) HPMD* Fallen tree Christmas
Jacket: Aoharu - AOHARU_ShortSheepskinDuffle_Brown
Legging: Zup - ::Zup::  Mesh lowrise Legging Bohemian Brown (1ld)
From inventory: Boots - Coco ( old groupgift still available); Ring with reindeer- Sweet Leonard; 
Cervidae necklace - Pididdle; Hair - D!va (Aya); handbag - gatcha - The secret store ( mainshop)

Bye bye, Nic

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