Thursday, December 19, 2013

her debut: she sings about ....

Nic will be singing about what is on her wishlist. She wishes for all people in the world, peace, love, happiness, good food and water and good health. May be she sings a protest song, because all this isn't there for so many! It doesn't matter that she is dressed for songs from the thirties. Protest songs are from all times.
The dress is a combination of two gifts from the Xmas gifts at LaRosa: the evening short dress and the skirt.  All LaRosa Xmas gifts are available the whole period. The hair is from Alice projects advent, only free at day 18. Behind Nic you see an antique radio. It is the Christmas Calender gift from Yasum for day 14 (available the whole period).
The jewelry i showed in the post before this one.

Skirt: LaRosa -LaRosa Xmas Calendar Gift 15 ( free)
Dress: LaRosa - LaRosa Xmas Calendar Gift 12 ( free)
Hair: Alice Project - Alice Project Advent Calendar Gift 2013.12.18 ( free)
From inventory: Shoes - BSD; jewelry- Pure Poison ( free/ but group join fee)
Antique radio: Yasum  - Yasum*Christmas Calender* 14 (free)
Pictures made for the Fab Free Photo Challenge #2
Pictures made at: Neva Sky Vilii

Bye bye, Nic

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