Friday, May 18, 2012


Ooooooh  this is a cool groupgift! Already longtime i am in the love soul (Copain) group. You need pay for it. I am now startled to see that group join is 500ld. Long ago when i joined it was lesser expensive. So sorry for you!
It is difficult with paid groupjoin. Which one is worth paying for and which one not. I don't want to have too much groups that i can't leave. Because i need  the possibility to join groups to get groupgifts to show you. Always struggling with that. But i didn't leave the love soul group. And now i don't regret it, because this bath is sooo cute. Also a childrens version is in it. You can take your bath every where. because it is a wear version.

Bath: Love Soul - [LOVE SOUL] Copain gift*May 2012*(free- but groupjoin fee)

Kisses, Nic

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