Saturday, May 26, 2012

beach bag

This super beach bag for just 10ld is magic. You can click on it and then can choose options: sunglasses or caps or lotions or sunhats. Click for example sunhats and you can choose: zebra, jeans, yellow or red or white. Click lotions and you can choose Jill Sander sun or sunlotion. So cuuuuuuute. The bag is rezz item. The items you get are wearable. Check that beach store on marketplace. They have more good stuff  for  the beach for just 10ld. Nic enjoys the beach with all the nice presents and in her new mesh dress. A gift from G&N Quality Design. So the sun fun isn't expensive  ;)

Beach bag: The beach Store - *Fallen over beach bag* ( 10ld)
Dress: G&N - G&N Quality Design Preview Gift Cara Summer Mesh Dress Set ( free)
From inventory: Lemon and orange Flats- 52 flats ( shop is gone) ; Hair- Maitreya (Bo); Legging - Aoharu; Necklace - Leezu.

Later that day Nic wears her free skirt from So Many Styles

Bye bye, Nic

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