Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rocket FM

Nic shows the new sportswear jacket from Chronokit. Many colours you can get. It is unisex.
Under it all old stuff, but what i like very much. All from Calypso Giano: the watch, the gloves, the jeans and a t-shirt. Theme is: love is a gamble. You can get all not so expensive on market place. The sneakers are  oldies from Soreal. Still love them very much.

And here another Rock Chick. She wears the same Calypso clothings but with a leather jacket from Grasp.
Her vintage hair is an oldie from inventory. But in the shop you can find a sort of hair like this.
Jacket: Chronokit - *chronokit* Sportswear01 Red/Red/White ( New!)
T-shirt; Calypso Giano - [CALYPSO GIANO] Best of Man - Volume 1 - Promo ( 10ld)
Jeans: Calypso Giano - in fatpack
Gloves: Calypso Giano - in fat pack
Watch: Calypso Giano - in fat pack
Black Leather Jacket - Grasp - +grasp+/Leather Jacket /Womens
Rock Chick hair - R's hair style
Shoes: Soreal - SOREAL Superstars RED/White (SSP007)

Have a good dinner, Nic

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