Monday, May 21, 2012

et maintenant on va où?

This picture is from the movie: "Et maintenant on va où?" Or in English: "Where do we go now?"
With this ominous image opens the second film by Lebanese director Nadine Labaki.
On the way to the village cemetery women dressed in black walk in a sort of  a procession dance in the heat of the sun with the pictures of their husbands, fathers or sons. Some are veiled, others wear a cross but they are all in mourning, the result of a useless war.
The religion conflict tearing the country, the women of the village decide that they will keep the men in their village far away from this fight. Radio and television are sabotaged in order to isolate the villagers of reality. The women put their ingenuity, humor, music and friendship to the attention of the men to distract their anger.
I loved the movie. It has humour and a very deep theme. War is not good: war between people of different religions, between countries, between races, between people. 

I couldn't show you the presents from the Drafted Hunt without telling that i hate war. The hunt is held from may 20 till june 10 2012. You have to search for a grenade. Better use the items for a trail!!!!
Nic shows items of that hunt. But also shows you parts of the full avatar opium from Abyss. Some years ago i so much loved the hair from that avatar! I bought the expensive set then. But never regeretted it. And it is still there.

Bomberjacket, katana belt and hair: Abyss - <TheAbyss> Full Avatar_Opium v1.1
Boots: Le Poppycock - Drafted (27) Le Poppycock (Drafted Boot) ( 5ld)
Army jeans: piccara -  Drafted (28) - piccara - ( 5ld) i use it as a legging under my shorts from mon tissu
Army top: Kim - Drafted (29) KIM (5ld)
Cap:  LP - Drafted (20) Le Primitif
Combat trainings poses: Sparrowtree Studios - Drafted (16) Sparrowtree Studios ( look in the skybox with the movie poses/ teleporter is groundfloor)

The dress from Sassy is  real fashion classic wear.
Dress: Sassy! - ~Sassy!~ Military dress - Drafted! Hunt Gift ( 5ld)
Bag: Azoury - AZOURY - Le sac DAUCUS Kaki ( 5ld)

Make peace not war, Nic

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