Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Nic is guarding her land. So no war theme! The drafted hunt has nice items in it. So it was a pleasure to make some combinations to show you. And here are the result.
Nic on the first picture shows you the top from American Bazaar with a cream Aoharu jeans and a nice belt from The Secret Store. I  LOVE it. The sunvisor is an old gift from Love Soul (sorry)
The next set is from C'est la Vie! First took me hours to find it and i didn't succeed. But ha i was way too early on the first day of the hunt. Now you can find it near a sweater that is called border sweater. Easy piece of cake now! Love the camouflage legging ( from marketplace)
On the last picture: face camouflage make-up from the Drafted Hunt again. Oh and you need find  a grenade. Told that before. All hunt items are 5ld.

Belt: The Secret Store - The Secret Store - Scarf Belt - Moss Green
Skirt and top: ::C'est la vie !:: ::C'est la vie !:: military cute set for Drafted! Hunt ( 5ld)
Camo Makeup : !Face Paint! -  !Face Paint Camo Makeup w separate Lash/Liner Layer
Top: [AB]  - [AB] Drafted Hunt Gift
Flats:  Made in France - MADE IN FRANCE gold ballet flats (50ld)
Legging: [SE*Designz] - SE*Designz Lace leggings lowrise

Have fun with hunting, Nic

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Sorraya said...

hola sweety ,,i was so busy but
so nice so see you again here with so funny dresses,
military nic.:-)
the fist mission is to buy this shoes .)) soooo nice color,love it very much.

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