Thursday, May 24, 2012

flower power look

The shop for flower power clothings is Boho Hobo. When i got these free boots at Alb Dream Fashion, i searched my inventory, because i remembered that i once bought something in that flower power shop. And what i found in my inventory combined so well with the boots. The vest is from the boho shop. It has more possibilities. You can click the vest to change the texture. The thin scarf i recoulered a bit to get the right colour to go with the skirt. The skirt is shiny, silky and swings around the legs softly. And what about the boots? As you can see they have a very detailed texture and are very well-made. I love them.To walk around in this set feels  so good.

Credits: Boots: Alb Dream Fashion - ALB CALIFORNIA DREAM boots GIFT resizable MESH by AnaLee Balut ( free)
Vest: Boho Hobo - BoHo HoBo microfibre vest with texture changer
Skirt: Boho Hobo - BoHo HoBo- Long Velvet Skirt (teal)
Scarf: Boho Hobo - BoHo HoBo scarf-Blue Silk

Kisses, Nic

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