Saturday, May 19, 2012

around the harbour

Nice place to dwell around in cosy new clothings. This harbour is so well-made. But ieeeek again creepy animals! Click on the last three pictures to enlarge and you can see them. Don't buy fish overthere. Nic walks around in her new shirt from Chronokit. She wears the mens size, because she wanted wear an oversized one. Every package has mens and womens shirts in three sizes. I love the details of the work of Kit Pizzicato, the designer. The long skirt is from u.f.o at the culture shock event. And again new shoes: the boots are a new groupgift from Hoorenbeek.

Shirt: Chronokit - *chronokit* Shirts 02 Check Pink Box
Skirt: u.f.o - ::{u.f.o}::between the line(mesh) -  cream
Boots: Hoorenbeek - [ hoorenbeek ] Lucille Boots - Coffee ( free)
Pictures made at: SolAria

Bye bye, Nic

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