Wednesday, May 16, 2012


The subscribe-o- gift from Pixel Mode is so cute and so very good detailed. Have a look!! Love this casual look with the striped sweater  the groupgift from Sheep Door at the moment. Even the soft coloured bag fits. It is part of a gift at Fellinni Couture. About the legging and the skirt i tell you more in the post from Sunday. I love the lace and the shiny silky fabric of them.

Sweater: Sheep Door - [Sheep Door] Pocket T2 GG ( free)
Bag: Fellini Couture - Fellini Couture - My Little butterflower (gift)(free)
Wedges: [PM] - [PM] Pixel Mode: Subscriber Gift - May 13 2012 ( free)
From inventory: Hair- W&Y 132; Legging - SE*Designz; Dress - Nylon Outfitters.
Scarf made by: me; pearl armband made by: me

Kus, Nic

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