Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pro Posers Hunt!

This was a tough one. Not in the finding of the prizes - but I loved about everything so choosing just a few photos to blog was torture. If you like posing or taking pictures, even casually, you should do this hunt. It's not too much (only 41 shops) as to be overwhelming, and most of the prizes are relatively easy to find. Looking for a blue handprint in this one. If your interested in finding out more or would like to see the shop list you can find information here in the Pro Posers Blog.

Strike A Pose - Hunt Gift Special Couples Pose
Dzarm Poses - Studio Cube
Lost Angel Industries - Summer Ottoman (multipose) this has singles and a couples pose.
7th Sin Poses - Rejected
Lyndz-Matic - Wipeout
Studio Sldhe - On the Fence
Sunflower Poses - Breakdancers
DARE - Disco Couple (Dare also has a "Personal Spotlight" on sale for 1L - adorable!!)
Slash Me Poses - It's My BFF (I believe this is the same prize as for the Skipping Stones Hunt)

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Nereisse Aluveaux said...

Yay thats me in the pics as well!

Very nice post :) Love the blue and pink outfits :-P (/me runs away)

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