Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finding Diversity is Hard (for me)

Well I finally, finally, finished the Diversity Hunt. This one took me 3 days which i think is a record for me (and I only completed the red line - Women's Fashions). I had so many rl and sl interruptions and I might as well have been doing it with my eyes closed - because even the ones right in front of me I couldn't seem to find for forever. I want to give a shout out of thanks for Musicbaby Mubble and Pansy Karu for helping me when I thought all hope was gone... If you interested in this one, the neat-o part is it's all separated in sections (or different colored "lines") so you can just pick the stuff your interested in finding. More information on the hunt is available here in the Diversity Hunt Blog. Even though I had a hard time of it most people told me they thought it was pretty easy (rubbed it in actually). After opening the gifts, I did feel it was worth it. Some great stuff, most from shops I had not been to before and some I spend a LONG time in. Also, I bought the new Farrah hair today at Truth (I switched to a blonde in the nick of time) and I'm so digging it I'm keeping it on all these pics. I feel so Charlie's Angelish and since your looking for angels this hunt I will keep the theme running. Anyhoo on with the show....

AvitarTs - Diversity Bikini
Glitterati by Sapphire - Hunt Dress

Bad Kitty - Leather Pants outfit worn with 4Life - Deep Blue Boots
Dragonlady Designs - Acid washed Black jeans with Samantha Top (lots of color options with the top).
Vlintuition - Sculpted Qipao with shoes (my favorite of the hunt).

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