Sunday, August 2, 2009

Creator's Stamp Rally

I read Karina's post about CSR and her not thinking highly of it, but I have to disagree with her.

I absolutely love CSR and the Summer Choice 2009 edition that started yesterday is just as great as the editions before. It will last throughout the month August so there's enough time to participate. It's really very simple: 20 shops participate and if you buy an item in one of those shops you will get a stamp card. You visit all 20 stores to get all the stamps and when you've done that you can exchange your stamp card for an exclusive gift of one of those shops. More information at this link: CSR Summer 2009.

The 20 stores that are participating are all of high quality standards and the gift is equally high standard. This picture is the gift from Sweets Party and contains the skin, shape and eyes.

The Coco shoes were definitely a good catch, as Karina stated in her earlier post. I wanted to ad that it comes with a very easy hud that makes it easy for you to change the skintone and also to choose nail options. Which I've not really done a good job of tho... But here's the picture:

And you also get a male pair of shoes, in my opinion that makes the stamping worth wile for the men too. The men shoes are really neatly done, tho they look a bit huge on my little paws :)

Another skingift is from Den-Dou, a nice vampire skin in three versions. I love the way the face looks so innocent, even with all the blood smeared on it. You also get a shape with this skin, but in this picture I preferred to use my own shape.

Last, this next gift might just be the reason I love CSR so much :) I have a secret love for cute avi's in animal shapes, a bit like furries or tinies, and I collect them as much as I can, tho I never seem to wear them in SL. I tend to prefer my human shape... This sheep avi is just the cutest!

These were just four of the twenty available gifts, I'm sure there's something for everyones taste, the gifts are so divers. Go check it out :)

Kus Nere

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