Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I love!! is a new hair and clothes shop which opened recently, so I decided to go "on assignment" (with Mari and Mel) and check it out. I LOVE it. Was so tempted to buy every single one of the hairs. Beautiful textures and a freebie now for joining the group (check past notices). Clothes here too which will warrant my trip back since I left in a hurry to blog the hair. Limo, just for you, to

Mel, myself and Mari showing off the group freebie Cassie. Comes in a variety of colors. It's also available for purchase in the shop if you don't want it for free (haha).

Mari showing off Allison.2 hair and the free.kini which is, well - free. Kini comes in several colors and includes a white cami and a basic coverup.

Myself in the Deena hair. I'm seriously thinking of switching to being a blonde. I've decided to maybe ease into it gradually by only buying (and rebuying) every hair in sl in blonde before I might decide being a redhead may be my look.

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