Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Black Keys Hunt

It seemed like I saw the heck blogged out of the Skipping Stones Hunt so even though I did it, I thought instead I would blog another one. I actually found more things in this hunt I liked as well. If you want information and hints (which helped alot!) you can find them here in the The Black Keys Hunt blog. Some of the items are music themed to go with the Black Keys theme (looking for a set of piano keys this one). Okay kids - onto the prizes!
Twisted & Spoiled - Black Key Dress comes with shoes and necklace.

Topaz Square - Black Cargo Shirt worn with Gbberish Boutique - Windsor Trousers.

DYN - Cerenaika Dress

Blue Blood - Black Keys Gown

and my favorite of the hunt! Goth1C0 - hoodie with capri's and the super cute Chucks I'm wearing is the hunt gift from Cat Crap.

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