Monday, August 10, 2009


If I had the funds, I would own every single item from Plastik. Seriously. Every bit of texturing and sculpted primwork is done perfectly. Combine that with a good sense of originality and fashion insight and you understand why I say that.

The Boudoir dresses from Plastik are absolutely perfect. They come in a zillion designs with different graphics and colours, all very subtle. This may have caused me my longest period of staring at the items doubting which colour to buy. I finally bought a uni dress named Mauve and a graphic dress named Grindhouse. When I took the pictures I had enough ideas to style the dresses, but I finally choose above options because I thought those made the dresses the eyecatcher of the outfit. But really, these dresses are easily mixed and matched with most items in your inventory, I promise.

I also purchased a miniskirt, Sephira in the colour Jericho. Again I must have stared at that huge wall for quite some time. And I still have a few more colours in mind I just might run back to the store for!

Every item from Plastik has a very sexy look about it, but since they are so easy to style there is something for everyone’s liking. So be sure to tp over and see for yourself how amazing the items and texturing are!

Kus Nere

Look #1
Dress: Plastik – Boudoir Mauve
Leggings: Maiiki – bronze leggings
Hair: Maitreya – Bo in autumn
Necklace: Bonita Jewelry – Antique Pearle Wrapped

Look #2
Dress: Plastik – Boudoir Grindhouse
Leggings: Armidi Limited – Metallic Tights in black
Hair: Truth – Grazia in cherry
Necklace: Curio – Vintage Heart Necklace

Look #3
Skirt: Plastik - Sephira in Jericho
Top: BB – undershirt in white
Vest: MichaMi – Carmela Cardie in pale
Hair: Truth – Luna in cherry

Skin worn in all pictures is Leona in Pale - smokey from Redgrave and shoes are Verve pumps in black from Maitreya.

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