Sunday, August 2, 2009

2009 Something Blue Love & Marriage Expo

Chelsea gown from Kay Couture
G Sloane Couture Diamond's Are a Girl's Best Friend Dress
Cinderella Ballgown from the Soraya Shan Collection.

Mohna Lisa Couture Shimmer Nights Dawn Dress (love this but wish it was modify the skirt is huge!)

Son!a Something Blue Dress (my favorite!)

I'm getting sl married. I know it's kind of hokey, and we are already partnered, but I want the sl experience of the pretty dress (and shopping for it), the preparations (and shopping for them) and my friends around as we proclaim our love to each other (as if they didn't know already). That being said, there is a awesome freebie table at the Something Blue Love & Marriage Expo! Lots of lovely stuff this one and plenty of stuff for even you die-hard single peeps. Find it here at the 2009 Something Blue Love & Marriage Expo. Now that I've gotten all the freebies just need to drag Trip back to pick out the china pattern.

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