Saturday, August 8, 2009

I can get Satisfashion!

I finished the Satisfashion hunt last night. To do this hunt you need to first goto the Satisfashion Headquarters, then join their group, then pay 50L to get a VIP pass (which you need to wear at all times) so you can get the prizes (phew). There are some really nice things on this and it's definately worth the 50L. You can read more about the hunt and see the store list and hints here on the Satisfashion Blog. Ok - so onto some of the prizes!

Lixena Mars Olivia Plaid Outfit, Stockholm Hair from IrEn (this is my favorite item of the whole hunt and I think more then worth the 50L entry fee alone!)

AHC Satisfashion Outfit, a few different colored options this one - love it!

Clover Special skin and real eyes. I have not stopped wearing either of these and both are definately going to go in my favorites folder. The hair I have on is from Paperdolls on sale for 25L (The whole shop is on sale for 5L-50L).
Badkatz racing red
The Ancient Tree - red kimono

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