Thursday, June 2, 2022

worth a visit


Yeah, worth a visit. And i mean for male and female go to the sim Yung and enter the "off line" shop. Lots of group gifts there. For example, the whole outfit of Tjip I made with presents from there. Take your BF with you girls to that place. The items on the vendors are colorful but you often get a fatpack with several colors.  Also Nic could grab several things. I will may be show you more another time. Nic is wearing now a clutch of the "off line" group gifts. The shoes are a group gift at S@bbia. You can get more group gifts there. 

About Nic's gorgeous dress, I have to disappoint you. The dress is not available anymore. But I still hope the designer of True Damage will place the dress in the shop. The designers of Damage create mesh for male and women and beautiful appliers to stand out. Their goal is to share an unique vision of art and design. A cool shop in my opinion. 
The dress was part of the Uber treasure chest round, a loot box style monthly event. Each round starts at the 5th of the month and ends at the 25th of the month. You need to pay 1900ld in the first 24 hours to join a group for this. Then you can grab all items from awesome designers. Between the 7th and 16th day the group fee will be 2900ld. And after that 3900ld. The worth of all what you can grab is 30-40k lindens. 
I hope that the great tip about the "off line"group gifts compensates your disappointment. 

Nic is wearing:
Hair: TRUTH at the Fifty - TRUTH Indigo - Essential (NEW)
Booties: S@BBiA:: - S@BBiA::Mesh Short Boots (Gift/free)
Cluth: "Off-Line" -"Off-Line" Sour Love Clutch - FATPACK (free)
Dress: True Damage - True Damage-Davina Dress FATPACK ( was in Uber treasure chest/now not available)

Tjip is wearing:
Jacket:"Off-Line" - "Off-Line" " x "Brody" Jacket  grey (fatpack/free/ with and without inner shirt)
Pants:"Off-Line" - "Off-Line" x "Noah" Pants / Fatpack / (free)
Doc shoes:"Off-Line" - "Off-Line" x "Doc" Boots / Fatpack (free)
From inventory: Hair - Dura; necklace- Codex

Bye bye, Nic

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