Saturday, June 25, 2022

labrador pup


It was a calm morning meditation with my dogs. I made the pictures at the Satori sim. A place with many meditation possibilities.
How cute the labrador puppy. There are more colors you can choose from if you click the pup. It is a static hold version. Available in the Fifty Linden Friday sale at JIAN. Also Nic's hair is in the Fifty Linden Friday sale. You get a huge natural pack or a color pack. Nic's top and skirt I bought at the Vagrant stand at Shop&Hop with the credits of that shop. In the Saturday sale is the beautiful  necklace of Earthstones. This is the moonstone version. Also with other stones available.
The bear earring you can get at the SL19B Gift Area
Top and skirt:[ vagrant ]-[ vagrant ]- Isabella Skirt - Tender Edition ( free/50% sale Shop& Hop and bought with S & H credits)
Hair: bonbon - bonbon - esme hair (Fifty Linden Friday)
Puppy: JIAN Pets - JIAN Pets / Held Baby Lab Pup (Fifty Linden Friday)
Necklace : EarthStones - EarthStones Rowena Necklace ~ Moonstone (Saturday Sale)
Earring:  Bears gone wild - Bears Gone Wild SL19B - bEarRing sets Crate  (free/SL19B gift area)
Bracelets: NaaNaa's - NaaNaa's Caninye Bracelets Gold ( free/bought with credits S&H event)
From inventory: Labrador - Rezz Room
Bye bye Nic

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