Friday, June 24, 2022

the mom of the piglets can be dangerous!

Being in nature is what they both like very much. But it can bring you in strange situations. They expect that the mom will come to search for her little ones. She can be dangerous! So Nic and Tjip are alert. Nic looking around with her binoculars. And Tjip is armed. Not that he has the intention to shoot. It's just for the feeling of security. Better they go in the cuddle camper behind them and wait😉. They respect nature in the way that Native Indians do.
Tjip is showing you free clothes. The cargo shorts are a gift of Grumble at the  gift area of SLB19. Not only at Shop & Hop are gifts but also there. The polo he bought with the rest of the Shop & Hop credits of Liam Carter Designs plus the group credits he got in the main shop.
Nic is dressed as a gypsy. The top and skirt was a new release of Silvery K. at the Vintage Fair. But the Vintage Fair is just over a few days. So you need to go to the mainshop. She is wearing COCO cowboy boots from long ago but I checked in the shop and saw western boots there that are nearly  identical. Nic's pose is a gift at the gift area of SLB19. Her pose in the blogpost before this one is part of the same gift.

Nic is wearing:
Top and skirt: *:..Silvery K..: - *:..Silvery K..:*Boho Style Casual vintage(NEW)
Pose today and in the post before this one: Suoh- Suoh  Steampunk poses gift ( free/ at SLB19 gift area)
Bag: =Zenith= at Market Place SL -  =Zenith=Boho Summer Fringe Bag (Begie) -rigged
Boots: COCO - COCO Western boots (sale part of the shop/99ld)
From inventory:  Hair- Stealthic (Fleeting)  - campfire - Chez Moi, picnic basket - Chez Moi; piglets- TLC Animals

Tjip is wearing:
Cargo: Grumble - Grumble-Mens Cargo Shorts-Grey Camo ( free/ at SLB19 gift area)
Polo: LCD - LC Marcus Shirt ( free bought with credits gift at S&H and group credits in the main shop)
Boots: A&D -A&D Clothing ~ GIFT Boots -Casey- Basics ( free/groupgift)
From inventory: Hair - Dura; pose and gun - Le Poppycock

Bye bye, Nic

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