Wednesday, June 8, 2022

dumpling soup


She loves Asian food. After gathering clothes for 1000ld in the Beauty Factory store, she needed a break and her dumpling soup. Yes 1000 ld store credits. It's BEAUTY FACTORY PRIDE STORE CREDIT for members of Group!!! Membership is 75ld. So think about it ! This is such a good deal. Click the board in the shop and you get you credits. Use in store ONLY DURING 6 to 9 of June! So i am in time for you. If it is very crowded put on "friends only". It will be lesser laggy.
With her credits Nic bought this skirt and a bikini (on the pictures she is wearing the bikini top) and another top. So generous is the shop owner!
The shoes are a groupgift ( fatpack) at Essenz. But you have to pay for the membership of the group. 
The necklaces are both free. Group gifts at Midna.

Top: Beauty Factory - part of .BF. Iris Bikini White (free with groupcredits/ read my text)
Skirt: Beauty Factory - .BF. Antonela Skirt Light (free with groupcredits/ read my text)
Shoes: Essenz  - Essenz - Oman (All colors) Group Gift 5/16 (free/ but group join fee)
Hair: [monso] at Anthem -[monso] Maytika Hair /Brown & Blonde (NEW)
Pride necklace: Midna - MIDNA - Pride Necklace  with a hud for the colors (free)
Cat necklace: Midna - MIDNA - Alice Necklace (free)
Bag: -[ vagrant ]-  - -[ vagrant ]- Erika Denim Bag - White  
Dumpling soup: Dots -  Dots - Asian Eats  - #15 Blue Dumpling Soup (marketplace old gatcha item)
From inventory: Shiba Inu puppy - Rezz Room; sun glasses- Mon Cheri ( spring finds/marketplace)
Bye bye, Nic 

A lawn chair with 5 props and 10 animations. It also has a wearable 1 posed version so you can sit everywhere. Junk Food ( 1ld/marketplace)

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