Sunday, June 19, 2022

feel good

She just arrived after a busy weekend and needs a massage to get relaxed again. First a moment to calm, sitting a moment at the massage table with all what she has with her: the charcoal ice cream, her keys and her beautycase. It was sunny outside so her sunglasses you still can see. "Feel good", that's what the massage will bring her. She is dressed in a sexy dress that she got at the Shop&Hop event. The hair is in the Saturday sale. Sales are great when you don't have the item you like, but when you some weeks ago just bought it for the normal price....hmmm then it is a bit of a pain.. not too much of course.. it is a luxury problem ..I know. And yes I had this hair already. The elegant shoes are in the Happy Weekend sale at Pure Poison. Comes with a color hud. The ice cream and the keys are groupgifts of Havoc. The glasses are a group gift of Roslyn. Comes with a color hud.

Dress: Cherry Bunny at S&H -Cherry Bunny~SL19BD ( free/ S&H Gift)
Hair: RAMA.SALON - RAMA.SALON - Better Kimmy Hair 'Naturals Pack' (Saturday Sale)
Shoes: Pure Poison - Pure Poison Beth Sandals ( Happy Weekend Sale/ 60ld)
Ice cream:Havoc - Havoc . Charcoal Ice-cream . Group gift (free)
Keys: Havoc - Havoc . Boujee Keys . Group Gift (free)
Sunglasses: roslyn. - roslyn. fatima sunglasses. group gift (free)
From inventory: Beauty case-   ; feel good boards, the stretching statue tthe table with accessories and candles - Zen Creations; massage stones- AXL Pro

Bye bye, Nic

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