Thursday, June 30, 2022

always later than he says

"Ready with the outfit", he wrote last night. I saw it in my morning. That means we can go picture making. In the morning i asked him "when can you come". He replied: "Yes, I am at home after the coffee break at my work in rl. I will be there at your time 14.00". But..... no José. Then after a long wait I asked again now with less patience "when will you come?" He answered "yes in a few minutes I am back home". After 45 minutes waiting ...... no José. And he wanted to join me at the blog 😏. Then at the time that I mostly meditate with a group, I see him coming online. After some minutes he is writing in Whatsapp "I am totally ready now and waiting for you". Haha he is waiting for me ... hilarious. Even the dog in sl already laid down waiting. But alas yes I need to tell you too that José is very good at helping when he is there. He does exactly what needs to be done and understands fast what I want. And he is a hard working person in rl, I know. I just want to tease him with this story. Was he feeling guilty and therefore came with the drinks? I think no.. the butterflies had their attention at that time. 
I need work on my patience for sure. 

Rowne has free group membership at the moment. The pumps are a group gift. Many group gifts there. The earring I recolored a bit. What you see in pink in the picture you get in white. The cute cat necklace I found at marketplace for just 10ld. At the drinks you can see a cute cat paw print. The credit card of Arcane Spellcaster was not enough for the pants. You need to pay 50ld extra. The vendor will ask you if it is ok that the shop takes 50ld. 

Nic is wearing:
Dress: [4U] at Shop&Hop  ~ - [4U] ~ GIFT Collection ~ 008 (free)
Earring: [HJ] at Shop&Hop - [HJ]Bijou Earrings (free/S&H gift)
Pumps: Rowne - Rowne.Jai Classic Pumps - Gift Pack ( free/groupgift/group join free now)
Drink: [TKC] at Shop&Hop -  [TKC] Pawsi - SS14b gift ( free/S&H gift)
Cat necklace: Alcateia - Alcateia Cat necklace (10ld)
Hair: Wasabi // at Kustom9 - Wasabi // Raya Hair - Brunettes (NEW)
Jacket in hand: [SHIFUKU] -[SHIFUKU] Holdable DenimJacket & Flowers (BLUE)
From inventory: cross necklace - Amias; flowers - kotte; labrador - Rezz Room

José is wearing:
Pants: Arcane Spellcaster - Arcane Spellcaster. pant lacopo Man (free/credit card of S&H)
Jacket with inner tee: Addams -Addams // David Leather Jacket // ( free/bought with credits at S&H event)
Sneakers: Lapointe/Swear: L&B Swear Sneaker-085 Santa Red ( groupgift/ group join fee)
Hair: Exile - Exile Knox Split color pack ( free/old Stay at Home gift)

Bye bye, Nic

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