Tuesday, June 7, 2022

wellness day


A croissant or her green health drink? I hope the drink will be delicious. Can she get through a whole morning with this drink? Or will her stomach soon protest. The croissants are very tempting. She will be strong and give it a try and not buy a croissant. Feeling healthy will give her a good feeling.
The green drink you can find near the entrance outside the Movement shop in the farmers market sale. The  bag is inside near the entrance of the same shop. Available for a very affordable price.
What also gives her a good feeling today is the top she is wearing, free in the Womenstuff hunt. It may be meant as a very sexy dress.The backside reveals a bit her behind. Nice for wearing in private to seduce someone, but also nice to use as a top. I used an old applier under it and the Addams legging. 
The earring is also available  for free in the Womanstuff Hunt. The shoes are a new group gift of Pure Poison (a fatpack) 

Top/dress: Tiar - Tiar TEAGAN DRESS (Womenstuff Hunt/free)
Shoes: Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Sabrina Sandals (free)
Legging: Addams_ - Addams- Zury- leggings ( fatpack) (1ld)
Hair: [monso] - [monso] Jenn Hair /Brown & Blonde
Earring: Heartsdale  - Heartsdale Jewellery ( earrings and a septum) ( Womenstuff Hunt/free)
Juice: MOVEMENT - MOVEMENT- Green juice ( farmers MARKET sale)
Bag: MOVEMENT- MOVEMENT- Chic handbag - White ( affordable price)
Eyes:.lovelysweet. - .lovelysweet. Sand & Sea Eyes *(Womenstuff Hunt/free)
From inventory: dog - Jian; necklace - Amias

Bye bye, Nic

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