Saturday, May 7, 2022

relaxing in Paris


Not bad such a morning at a square in Paris with her coffee and a  donut.
In a hurry i am to tell you about the 500ld credits because of Mothersday at the Beauty Factory Store. THE GROUP IS NOW FREE TO JOIN. YOU HAVE TO SPEND THE MOTHERSDAY CREDITS TODAY! I hope you can enter the shop. I went to the flickr page of the shop to see what i wanted to buy. Then in the shop with area search i could see, where those clothes were and i could take demo's. In the shop i could try the demo's. Oh and for lesser lag, i used "show friends only" ( find it under world at the top of your screen, if you use the firestorm viewer). Then i made my choice. I bought the top and the jeans. I was in the mood for a bit sexy street wear style. Hope you can use the tips.
The booties of UTOPIA are a gift at the FaMESHed anniversary (the gifts are 50 or 75ld) You can recolor several parts of the shoes with an easy color hud. The rings of [ kunst ] are also a gift at FaMESHed. The sprinkler coffee mug is a present at the Anthem event. Comes with a color hud and with several coffee cream patterns.

Jeans: Beauty Factory - .BF. Ninna Denim Black (free, bought with mothersday group credits/see text)
Top: Beauty Factory - .BF. Alexia Top Black (free bought with mothersday group credits/see text)
Hair: Kuni - KUNI - Hanna (Color HUD Pack) (v2.0) ( SoKawai Sunday sale) (65ld)
Styling hud Kuni Hair: Kuni - KUNI - Hanna (Style HUD Pack) (v2)( SoKawai Sunday sale/65ld)
Booties:**UTOPIA@Design** at FaMESHed  - **UTOPIA@Design** - "LIA" - (75ld)
Rings: [ kunst ] at FaMESHed - [ kunst ] - Maria Rings (75ld)
Coffee: 28LA. at Anthem Anniversary - 28LA. Sprinkles Mug (50ld)
From inventory: chowchow - Foxwood; Swallows-{anc}; skin-[7DS]; Tattoo- Carol G.; beret - //Monument//; num num donuts bag - Tentacio; cardigan - Lunar

Bye bye, Nic

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