Sunday, May 8, 2022

mothersday and an anniversary

What a day today. 
A moms day with surprises in rl and in sl the Anniversary of Blueberry. Happy Anniversary Blueberry. Ten years already! And as always the designer is so generous with presents and gifts. Today starts a 50% off sale in the shop.The sale is running 5 days. In the group notices you can find a 500ld credits card. The credits expire 3 weeks after you activated your card. And we got in the notices of the group a fatpack group gift. A super nice one. The vendor you see here above. Nic is using the top version. The fatpack has beautiful textures.
Nic is in doubt about eating the delicious chocolat cake that you see on the table. A gift ( 50ld) at Anthem of andika. 
From the anniversary gifts at FaMESHed ( 50 or 75ld) are Nic's sunglasses of [JUSTICE].They come with a color hud. The hair of Mina is also a gift at FaMESHed. 
The cake and sandals are a gift at Anthem. The sandals of : deluge : are in black. On the box you see a black and white version, but that one you don't get.

Sandals: : deluge : at Anthem - : deluge : sonrisa sandals BLK (50ld)
Top ( and dress ): Blueberry - Blueberry - Decade - Group Gift - Fat Pack (free, group join 20ld)
MINA - at FaMESHed- MINA - Pamela FaMESHed (75ld) 
Chocolat cake: /andika at Anthem -/andika {Little chocolatte cake}Decor (50ld)
From inventroy; European baby cat - Rezz Room; jeans - Blueberry

Bye bye, Nic

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