Wednesday, May 25, 2022

just imagine


Just imagine. In your imagination all is possible. Nic in the picture for example can be waiting with lots of luggage to leave for a better world. Away from the cruelties of the real world.
We leave the bad things of the world behind and focus now at what Nic shopped for you today. 
For 50ld you can join the Vaki Kvaki store group. Then you can pick up several groupgifts. For example this sweet skirt. The top I bought in that shop for a reasonable price. Nic's bag and the earrings are  group gifts of Kotte. Many group gifts you get, but group join is 99ld. The hat of Zenith is an old gacha item that i found at marketplace. The grey one was not expensive at all. And I could recolor the hat to match Nic's new top. The metals can be changed in silver. The funny, a bit naughty disco heels of Uni-qu3 are a groupgift. They come with a color hud. 
See at the close up from the keys, that it has a letter. You get it with a hud with the alphabet. So you can personalize it.

Top: VAKI KVAKI - black VAKI KVAKI  top ~Kule~ 
Skirt: VAKI KVAKI - cappuccino VAKI KVAKI  skirt~Nellie~ (groupgift/ group join 50ld/more gifts there) 
Heels: Uni-qu3 - Uni-qu3 Dirty Disco heels (1ld)
Bag: kotte - kotte spring bag ( group gift/ group join 99ld/many gifts there)
Earrings : kotte - spike earrings (group gift/groupjoin 50ld)
Hat:=Zenith= - =Zenith=Winter Sweetie Hat (Grey)( old gatcha item/ marketplace)
Hair: Wasabi // - Wasabi // Shiloh (F) Hair - Brunettes
Phone, keys and iced matcha drink: hive// - hive // out and about . iced matcha
Lamp post: Oh Deer! at Cosmopolitan - Oh Deer! London Calling: Lamp Post (free)
From inventory: Labrador- Rezz Room; Yorkshire - Rezz Room; vellum suitcases decor -  Bricolage ( old gift/ but with flowers on it 10ld here;Necklace - VOBE:pose -Le Poppycock

Bye bye, Nic

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