Wednesday, May 4, 2022

counting blessings

She is counting her blessings. She loves to do that, because it makes her grateful. It's not about fortune as you get predicted with those fortune cookies at the pictures. More the things that make you happy are the blessings.
My friend Laura for example made me happy, because she announced my "sort of return" to blogging in her Freedeology group. A group for people who like to find free items.

In sl shoppers and fashionista's can be happy with sales and gifts. Today i show you two gifts: the ring ( comes also with a bracelet) of Kungler and the earring of [Sheba]. Both gifts at the anniversary of the Cosmopolian Event. I went to the anniversary of the Anthem event. Gifts are not free but 50 or 75ld. The sweater of True Damage i found there. At Pure Poison in the Happy Weekend sale, i bought the platform sandals. They come with a color hud for many parts of the sandals. The noodle box with the chop sticks and the fortune cookies are also from the Happy Weekend sale. You can find them in the Hangry shop near the last Happy Weekend sale item.
The fatpack hair you can find for a very affordable price in the Kuni shop. 

Sweater: True Damage at Anthem - True Damage-Doobo House edition (50ld)
Noodles: Hangry - Hangry - Noodles - Polka (Happy Weekend Sale)
Platform sandals: Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Irina Platforms (Happy Weekend Sale)
Ring: Kunglers at Cosmopolitans Event - KUNGLERS - Ria bracelet and ring ( free)
Earring: [Sheba] at Cosmopolitans Event - [Sheba] -[Sheba] Inna earrings (free)
Hair: Kuni - KUNI - Regina (Color HUD) (75ld)
From inventory: jeans - Addams (Melody); skin: [7DS]; Chihuahua's - Rezz Room

Bye bye , Nic,
I hope i make you happy with showing you my findings

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