Thursday, May 26, 2022

everything of value is defenseless and vulnerable

Already three month have gone by since the invasion of Russia in Ukraine. Many many women and kids have fled to foreign countries. Peacefully living people all over the world don't want war. They want peace and happiness. Didn't we learn from World War Two! I can only be sad about this, thinking about all the unfree people in our world. So this blogpost is not only for Ukraine but also for all those who live in terrible circumstances. We need to bless every day when we have a good life. Everything of value is defenseless and vulnerable.
Now about the items in the picture. The dress is a group gift at Uni-qu3. Comes with a color hud. You can change the color of the front ( the one I made yellow) and the other side ( the blue part in the picture). You can make plain dresses. There are 12 colors in the hud. One didn't work well but all the others were ok. The ice cream I got from a dispenser. The dispenser is a group gift of Marmere. Fourteen gifts are there for you at a stand outside. Group join costs however. My hair with the clips is from Bonbon. You can also wear the hair without the clips. All clips can be colored separate

Dress: Uni-qu3  - Uni-qu3 Afrodite dress hud (groupgift/1ld)
Hair: bonbon - bonbon - layla hair (naturals) 
Choker: [LIZ] - [LIZ] Flower choker (free/groupgift)
Icecream: Mamere - Icecream stand with Ukraine dispenser ( groupgift/ group join costs)
Cardigan: Lunar - Lunar - Susy Cardigan - Midnight
From inventory: European kitty - Rezz Room; skin [7DS]
Bye bye, Nic


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