Monday, August 1, 2016

fleas and dirty flies

Yes i know this is supposed to be a fashion blog. But also fashionistas have their troubles. Today there are fleas and dirty flies (watch them around the dogs on the ground). Nadja spoiled me again with dogs and now this. Thanks so much Nadja. It's raining all the day long so that is why they both smoke.

But anyway Nic is wearing a realy adorable new dress from No Cabide (a groupgift with a good colorhud). I love this dress. It is such a good quality gift. The hair is from the Hair Fair, a gift from Phoenix in many colors.  The hat Nic once got at Apple May Design.
Oh and the dog didn't bite Nic.....the black leather around her fingers is an avant garde / sophisticated ring and not a tool from the hospital. It's the last groupgift from .SHI. The group join is expensive, but i love the extravagant looks from the designer Joy Laperriere. The necklace and glasses are from Minimal, old gifts. Nic's shoes ( a teaser some days ago) from H@s still aren't in the shop because the designer,Saki, is on vacation.

Dress: No Cabide -:: No Cabide :: Summer Grace_ FitMesh Dress - HUD 15 Collors 9free)
hair: Phoenix at Hair fair ( sim Rhodium) -:::Phoenix::: Gracia Hair Color Mix (wear me)
Dogs: JIAN at Epiphany - Countryside collies ( gacha)
Armbands: Pixicat - -Pixicat- TheDark.armband ( 50ld)
Leather rings: .SHI - .Shi Gift : Leather Rings unisex (free/but group join fee)
Shoes: H@s - H@s  peep toes leather ( coming soon)
From inventory:  hat- Apple May Design ( gift is gone);  necklace and sunglasses MINIMAL (old gifts)

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