Sunday, July 31, 2016

love and dream

This new released dress from monaLISA, i wanted wear with something under it. But what i tried peeped through the dress or i had to wear a huge dress. It made Nic a very fat Nic then. But yesterday i landed in the Lalba Centre to check something and there i came upon this applier jeans. And that was exactly what i needed. The applier jeans comes with a top ( also cute). Nic is wearing her normal size dress  now and the jeans fits perfectly. The dress has a hud with many colors and comes in a transparant and a non transparant version of the texture. Nic is wearing a groupgift hair from [MALO] (with a hud for three color versions). The shoes are new from the groupgift gacha machine at Pure Poison. Nic is in a sporty mood. The hockystick is from +ILO+. I met the designer from +ILO+ by accident. She was wearing this hockeystick and told me she just  made it. It will be in her shop in some weeks/days or so. The oldschool skateboard is a dollarbie at marketplace.
The armband with texts (with a hud) is the new gift at Pixel Box.The bandana in Nic's hair is not available anymore. The necklace is an oldie from Shi.

Dress: monaLISA - -mL- Delisia Dress (Maitreya/3Belleza/2Slink/TMP/2Tonic) - HUD
Jeans ( with top/not shown)ZAFIA -  ZAFIA Top and Jeans Gift
Hair: [MALO] - [MALO] C01 Hair Group GIft Version
Bracelet: PIXEL BOX - PIXEL BOX - Bracelet Thematic Emotions - copy -  (b) (free)
Shoes: Pure Poison -Pure Poison - Lavinia Sandals - Nude ( groupgift gacha/ free)
Skateboard: Motorcycles - Oldschool Skate board V3.8 (1ld)
Hockey stick - +ILO+ will come soon in the shop.
From inventory: Dog - JIAN ( see post before this one)
Pictures take at: Baja Sands
Bye bye, Nic

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