Friday, August 19, 2016

need help for a beautiful one

She shopped to much and she can't take it all home at her bike. She definity  needs help.

Nic is wearing the red version of the same dress from The BeautifulOnes. The turquoise one is the groupgift. The new release has a texture hud and i liked for example this red one to. I showed both version also to show you Nic adorable shoes from .:KC:.  with one click in the hud you also have this shoe with straps. Both adaorable and the hud gives you many possibilities. Group join is 50ld at .:KC:. , but there are many good groupgifts. I went yesterday to Enchantment to pick up all the anniversary gifts. The flowers in Nic's hand and the heart necklace, the oil candles ( in 1 and 3 and 5  version), the hair ribbon  and the bracelet are all presents from there.
Nic's hair is a groupgift from Phoenix.. So sweet... you get this gift because the designer was so happy that day! See in info and notices from the group.
The cute wheel lamp, that Nic wants to take with her, is from unKindness at The Liaison Collaborative. The bag is a satchel bag from Izzie's from the clearance box near the desk.

Oh just heard that 24 hours free group join at Legendaire. And many gifts.

Dress: .:TBO:. Sue - belted dress - in red ( NEW/with colorhud) and Turq.(free)
Hair: :::Phoenix::: - :::Phoenix::: Bridget Hair Color Mix (gg/free)
Shoes: .:KC:. - .:KC:. ADORE HEELS FOR SLINK HIGH, MAITREYA & BELLEZA (fee/ but 50ld group join fee)
Taxi to Enchantment here
Poppies: *N*Deadly at Enchamtment - *N*Deadly Poppy Bouquet - Anniversary Gift(free)
Hair ribbon: [Mello] at Enchantment [Mello] Enchantment Giftie (free)
Oil candles: *AF*at Enchantment - *AF* Row of Oil Lamps (free)
Bracelet - ::Static:: Enchantment Gift - Copper Oh My! Bracelet
Necklace: Snowpaws at Enchantment - Snowpaws Enchantment ( 2 versions)
- 2016 Anniversary Gift (free)
Caged Candles: JIAN - JIAN :: Group Gift - Caged Candles (gg/free)
Wheel lamp - unKindness at TLC - uk - Ferris Wheel Lamp Set - TLC (NEW)
From inventory: Satchel - Izzie's ( 10ld/ clearance package)
Bye bye, Nic

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