Saturday, August 6, 2016


i know someone, who is sure to be happy......but he isn't
someone who says the day will come that he will be happy
- he smiles already because of anticipation and impatience-
someone who firmly says, i am nothing, not happy and not unhappy
someone who doesn't belief in his happiness and evades
someone who don't want to be happy- his opposition is strong and in vain
someone who can't be happy despite all his efforts
and some one who sometimes, very short, is feeling happy, and never knows why
one person
(translated poem from Toon Tellegen)

Street girl Nic is wearing some presents from the you.gacha event.: the necklace with robot, the body from a dress from a black dress, the tattoo and the frappuccino. The jewelry with Gecko is new at Nord Embel'Lys. A new shop for me.There is also a male gecko set.
The tied tee& harness you can get with several texts. The backs have graphics that go with the front logo ( for example there are angel wings on the back of the angel inside tee) and there are 8 harness colors, and 4 metal choices.
Close-ups from jewelry below. Click the small pictures to enlarge

Hair first pictures: !Ohmai!- !Ohmai : Ginta, Dark Brunettes
Robot necklace - [Kres] at go.gacha - [Kres] Confused Robot Necklace - Gift (free)
Tattoo: .Facade. at you.gacha  .Facade. :: Dark Places (free)
Shirt: i`piteme - ~i~ Inside Tied Tee & Harness (NEW)
Black leather shorts and sneakers::: No Cabide :: -  :: No Cabide :: Harley II_ Outfit FitMesh - (free)
Black body:  BLACK HAUS at you.gacha - part of BLACK HAUS - Group Gift - Fancy Dress (free)
White short: .:HF:. for SLFrees&Offers group - part of .:H.F Star Girl Set (Gift 06/2016)(free)
Hair last picture: Mina - MINA - Helen - MM dip-dye 02
Frappuccino - -INIA- at you.gacha -INIA- Frappuccino Cups -PINK- (free)
Necklace and earrings - Nord Embel'Lys - Nord Embel'Lys  Gecko Set Gold (NEW)
Bellychain: Nord Embel'Lys - Nord Embel'Lys  Gecko Belly Chain Gold (NEW)
From inventory: Hat - C'est la Vie; bracelets- Ys&Ys ( old)
Pictures made at: Hot Bodies
Bye bye, Nic

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