Wednesday, August 10, 2016

in the garden with her cats

Nic loves to be surrounded by cats and dogs and all sorts of animals. And here she is again with some of her new cuties.
I got a notecard from StoraxTree and saw a group bargain. It was the fishing cat. But in the shop that bargain was already gone. Kate McLaglen told me that the bargains are just for a week in the shop. But she was so nice to send me the one i missed. I told her, i wanted that cat for my blog, so that you readers could go and get that one too. Then she kindly sended me a box with the other cats.Telling me that there will be another offering of cat items starting on aug 16. So the cat with the milk and flower, and the cat in the vegetable garden hunting grasshoppers ( and some more) all will be bargains that week.
The cat in the box is from JIAN. You can get that one at the Gacha Garden now for free. The Gacha Garden has their birthday and their are lots of presents. Join the Gatcha Garden group and the presents will be yours.  Nic is wearing the necklace with cross and the dragonfly choker, both presents from the Gacha Garden. Her armband is a present at irrie's Dollhouse. Last but not least pay attention to Nic's lovely dress. A new release at FA Creations. Comes with many  3 huds with gorgeous textures. It's difficult to choose what to wear because all is super. I choosed this one to mach with the new released shoes from Basta!

Cats: StoraxTree- StoraxTree August 16th gifts and Bargains
Fishing cat: StoraxTree - Feline treasures - fishing - Grey Tuxedo ( was a group bargain/ now normal prize)
Cat in box: Jian at the Gacha Garden - JIAN Curiuos Kitties Gacha Garden Birthday Presents with animations and sound and colorhud for eyes ( free)
Cross necklace:  -SECRETS at the Gacha Garden-SECRETS- Unisex Cross Necklace (free)
Dragonfly choker: ::Static:: at GG - ::Static:: Gacha Garden Birthday Gift - Dragonfly Choker(free)
Armband: irrie's  Dollhouse -i { DH } Retro Baby Bangles Gift (free)
Dress: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Cindy Dress 3 huds included!!!(NEW)
Shoes: Basta! Footwear -  [B!] :LEANNORA: (Blush) Fringed heels - BASTA! Footwear
From inventory: Hair - pr!tty
Bye bye, Nic

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