Friday, August 12, 2016

imaginar ( Ghee Indian Summer Hunt and the Free Dove)

Imagine all the people..Living life in peace...
You may say I'm a dreamer..But I'm not the only one..I hope someday you'll join us..And the world will be as one..
These words combine with my pictures today... Nic is showing you some gatcha items from unKindness at The Gacha Garden. It is the Hippie Hooray Gacha. Behind Nic you can see a wall tapestry, dove wall art and the imagine wall board. There is also a gift from unKindness  at the Gacha Garden. Nic made herself a place in the wreck of a boat. Camping like a hippie. Back to the gipsy that i was. Her harem pants, top, sandals, wrist wraps ..and a necklace are from the Indian Summer Hunt at Ghee. Some hunt items are 10ld others 15ld. It is a bit a pity that you can't know before what is in the gift. Search a sort of marmelade jars. 
At the Free Dove (how applicable on the theme!) they added a new hair at the collection. This hair from Rezology with a hud.

Credits: Taxi to Ghee
Sandals: Ghee - Ghee Taupe Indian Summer Sandals  (Slink)BAG (15ld)
Harem pants: Ghee - Ghee Taupe Indian Summer Harems  BAG (10ld)
Necklace: Ghee - Ghee Ivory Indian Summer Beaded Top  BAG (10ld)
Wrist wraps: Ghee - Ghee TAUPE  Indian Summer Wrist Wraps BAG (10ld)
Tapestry,wall art etc: unKindness at The Gacha Garden - uk - Hippie Hooray Gacha + gift (gacha+gift)
Hair: rezology at The Free Dove - rezology Boon (mesh hair) (free)
Fro inventory: Hoop earrings - Caroline's ( old); Bracelet- shine by [ZD] ( see post before this one.
Pictures made at Lost Dresm
Bye bye, Nic

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