Sunday, August 14, 2016

no-one at home..

She is  bringing the groceries but....hmmm no-one at home. May be he is gone to his friends. I think he said so.
 A daily business can be a joy when it is lovely weather. Sunny and warm. Good for wearing shorts and a top. Nic is wearing a knitted top and scalopped short from La Gazza Ladra. You can get them at The Chapter Four. I am also happy with her new hair. It is the hair Cindy at EMO-tions, a new release. From the presents at The Gacha Garden Nic is wearing an anklet and again the belly chain. You can see the last one better now. In her food basket ( a gift at Tentacio) i did two cans ( the well-know campbell soup and ananas ) from the hunt at Legendaire. The cross necklace is also from that hunt. The shoes are from the mainstore from Basta!In many colors available. Every color comes with silver and golden beads e and metal parts. See the close-up below.

Top: LGL at TCF - ~LGL~ Reborn . (Green/light) Sleeveless top (NEW)
Shorts: LGL at TCF -~LGL~ Reborn . (Black) Scalloped shorts (NEW)
Hair: EMO-tions - .:EMO-tions:. * Cindy * (NEW)
Anklet: Faida at TGG - [Faida] Flower yen ( free)
Belly Chain: Wicca's Wardrobe at TGG - Wicca's Wardrobe - Elowen BellyChain (Gift) (free)
Cans: Legendaire/Pop Art Store -POP ART STORE  DELICIOUS CAN ( hunt/ 15 ld)
Necklace: Legendaire - Legendaire Cross necklace ( hunt/15ld)
From Inventory: Food basket - tentacio ( free/ still available)
Bye bye, Nic

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