Monday, August 22, 2016

gO....spread your wings ...wings are made to fly

Delicate wings searching there way .. attracted by light..spread your wings and fly..wings are made to fly...
Nic is surrounded by these delicate wings. The idea for this was born when i got the wing piercing from .Shi as a gift at the Crossroads. I searched for wings in Nic's inventory and found these from Le Poppycock. Then i jumped in the dark house at Crossroads and made the pictures. Nic is wearing the new released dress from !gO!. Her sandals are from last weekend from the Fifty Linden Friday. Fifty Linden Friday items are 50ld and are out on friday and sometimes the designers do this the whole weekend. As blogger you can't be always in time to show the items. So tip: check every friday the Seraphim SL blog. You can see on that blog the shops that participate that friday and what they have as item. With a bit "window shopping" you will always be in time for the 50ld Friday items from very good designers. And ofcourse "window shopping" other events at Serapim i also can recommend.

Dress: !gO! - !gO! Olga Dress Groupgift ( free/ group join 50ld)
Piercing: .Shi Gift at the Crossroads .Shi Gift : Wing Piercing / Unisex (free)
Sandals: fri.  for FLF - fri. - Sophie/Dinah.Sandals (Rawhide/Sierra) ( 50ld/FLF above)
Bracelets: (Kunglers) at the Crossroads- (Kunglers) Artemis bracelets - The Crossroads Gift (free)
From inventory: Wings- Le Poppycock ( old Enchantment hunt prize)
From inventory: hair - Chemistry; wings - Le Poppycock; Poses - Verocity
Bye bye Nic

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