Monday, November 26, 2012

between the flowers

Nic's shows you the new groupgift from Foppish. A bicolor coat and a ribbed bow cami. The bag is free at Allusions . The  blue jeans you also can find for free there. It is a basic so it also fits men.The boots are 50ld in the same shop. So it is worthwhile to go there.

Verdant helped me to check if the jeans fits for men. And  i think the answer is yes. Thanks Verdant ( spam  fan ;) )
Coat and cami: Foppish - !![Foppish GG]BicolorWCoat / Ribbed Bow Cami ( free)
Bag: Allusions - Allusions - Leather Purse ( free)
Jeans: Allusions - Allusions Jeans - Freebies ( free)
Boots: Allusions - Allusions Winter Boots Women's L ( also for men there)( 50ld)

Have fun, Nic

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