Saturday, November 17, 2012

be prepared

Be prepared for wintertime. The long warm sweater with the face  is from  the Winter Is Coming Hunt. Ends 16 november ( but psssst still in the shop on the 17th). Hurry up for your warm sweater  for just 1ld) Search the snow ball in the back of the shop behind a present box. Hope the owner will forget to take it away for a while.
In the present box is a Kaftan for at home. I show it below
The warm green dufflecoat is from the MMHH ( pink cap in the corner somewhere) The skirt is from La Petit Fleut. See yesterdays post.
The scarf with headphone is from the Pimp My Hunters Hunt. You can find the  pink tiny cap at the old location from the Pepper shop.
The other scarfs are also from Pepper. Go to the new location and join the group and hit the board ( group join just 30ld). Click on the scarf for all sorts of colors.

Scarf : Pepper - Scarf braided ( free/ but group join 30ld)
Scarf with headphones: Pepper - PMHH#83-~Pepper~ PMHH ( at old location from Pepper) (free)
Long warm sweater: Dandelionwine - WICH - #53 [Dadelion Wine] ( 1ld)
Duffle coat: DandelionWine #15-PMH-Hunt. [DandelionWine]-Pink Cap ( free)
Kaftan: DandelionWine - [DandelionWine] Open GIFT ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

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