Saturday, November 17, 2012

surrender or not surrender in a barley cornfield

Barley corn is this weeks color for the ColorCallenge from Luna Jubilee. It is a sort of green brown. I wanted to portray Nic in a cornfield. The first place with a cornfield that came in my mind was the field at the well-known place "The Far Away".Well-known by lovers of nice surroundings in sl.
I got the november groupgift from Blacklace last week and the color barley corn is on the front between all the black.
The golden jewelery from Vendome, the new groupgift, brightens up the total picture. I need tell you that you also get a free giftcard with 100ld in the shop.

"Surrender" is what came in my mind seeing Nic standing in this pose on the locomotive. Not-surrender is her pose with the posechair on the picture below. Bot sensual and fitting to this lingerie. The loc you can see as a strong male symbol. Is surrendering a typical symbol for women? I hope no. Both sides ( surrender and not-surrender) are important in a womens life. That is why i also added a picture in a strong/not surrender pose.
The lingerie is lovely. I like the details of the gloves and the skirt.

Lingerie: Blacklace - ~Blacklace~Unforgettable : Black Velvet & Mocha Polka  Nov Gift ( free/ but group join fee)
Jewelery: Vendome Jewelry - ** VJ  Ra ( free)

Bye bye, have a nice weekend, Nic


Rudhmellowen said...

WOW Nic SEXYYYYYYYY LADY! These pics are gorgeous, I love the first and the one over the train... Simply stunning sweetie!

Sama Yalin said...

Oh my, you look sexy! I hope you didn't give any men a heart-attack, dressed like that ;)

Unknown said...

Those are some smokin hot shots. I love the close up most and then the full shot with the train second. Such a great set up. Beautifully done, Nic.

Fledge said...

Looking lovely Nic but I might ask why you are posing in your underwear in a cornfield -- do you have a secret vehicle fetish? (It's ok - I like trucks ^.~ )

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