Friday, November 23, 2012

black friday shopping

Today is black friday and Nic is  shopping. Americans go shopping that day after Thanks Giving. It is seen as the start for the Christmas shopping. And there he is... this beautiful styled man. Isn't he cool?! It is Ingo styled by Soraya. He is suddenly near Nic as she crosses the street. "Shall i drive you home, Nic?" "Oh yes but first i have to finish my shoppings ... it won't take long Ingo". But.... there he stands waiting and waiting for her to come. Nic is in doubt about shoes.What shoes does Soraya like the most. That takes hours ofcourse. Finally she takes the shoes with color hud so she can change the texture.

Pfff finally!

Nic's highwaist pants is from the fiftyfive friday event.  I also want tell you that because of Black Friday you can get everywhere sales. See the seraphim blog  to know where you can go. They have a long list with all info there.
The pumps for Soraya are from The Wash the Black Event. They have a texture change hud. That would be great in rl isn't it!!

About Ingo i need tell you this: Soraya is a big fan from Luis Miguel a Porto Rican singer. She styled Ingo like Luis Miguel.You can check if she did her  styling well on you tube. I think she did. This super shirt is from Kal Rau. Ingo wears his pants from Redgrave . And shoes from Coco, i gues.

Sweater Nic: R.icielli -Ricielli Mesh - CHARMING hunt item#08 ( 15ld)
High waist pants: picarra at fi*Fridays new location - piccara -  High Waist Pants Black (55ld)
Earrings: Amour Signature at the Wash  - Amour Signature - Taliah Earrings - Vintage ( 10ld)
Pumps:dirty little secrets at The Wash - [d.l.s.] :: MESH High Heels :: Black & White :: (10ld)
From inventory; Croco bag - ISON; Hair- Dura for boys.

Shirt Ingo: Kal Rau - < kal rau > casual shirt black

Have a happy Black Friday, Nic

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Sorraya said...

warum laggt die seite so schlimm )man kann kaum schreiben :-(
2 beautiful avas on shooping friday.sooooo nice .
yout style is perfekt .
ingo like shooping with you:-)
i wish you a nice sunday maus
die anderen outfits auch so super

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