Saturday, November 3, 2012

bittersweet on the road

Sometimes it is bitter to be on the road in life. But following your path with loving faith it will lead you to sweetness for sure. Why this philosophical sentences? Hmm because of the color bittersweet ( this weeks color in the ColorChallenge from Luna Jubilee). Even the ColorChallenge can be bittersweet with ups and downs. But the color is very beautiful and warm. I made the pictures in a cold and wet environment to emphasize the contrast between the warm color ( sweet) and the cold environment ( bitter). In Holland we use the term bitter in this phrase "bitter cold".When we say it is  bittercold outside....oh boy then it is very very cold.

On the first two pictures Nic is still dressed in her summer dress. It is an oldie from Couverture and now cheap, just 40ld. You can find the dress behind the furniture part of the shop. I editted the skirt part a bit. Made the skirt part shorter, so you can see the beige short pants under it. Combined with the well-know studded leather jacket from BeetleBones, i think, it is a lovely look.
On the last pictures Nic is dressed more warm in her long knitted mesh dress,also from Couverture. Again i show you the bag from Indy&Co ( showed them on friday) with the color that fits these outfits.

Summer dress:  Couverture - couverture*AuSoleil Red ( 40ld)
Long dress: Couverture - couverture - knit long one-piece *mesh* >Orange
From inventory: Leather jacket - BeetleBones;Bag: Indy&Co. - Indy&Co.: The Ireben Carry-all Color change; Hair - EMO-tions ( Finya)

Have a good weekend, Nic


Rudhmellowen said...

I love the girlie dresses with the biker rock chick jacket over the top, and even though it is bitter cold in the photos, least the sun seems to be shining here in Holland today hehe!

Unknown said...

My favorite is the 4th. Lovely.

Unknown said...

You look so lovely in this color. I love the second dress, it's so cozy looking!

Sama Yalin said...

That color looks perfect on you! Love the big curly hair :)

Fledge said...

Nic, you look gorgeous - I love the clever tie-in with the bittersweet road of life! - but do you know the show Supernatural? I rp Dean Winchester on SL and I tell you, he would drive down that road and sweep you off your feet ;) But be careful -- he is a sweet lover but he would leave you after a short time, and your life would be in constant danger from the monsters he hunts!

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