Tuesday, November 20, 2012

snake time

Nic wears a snake skinny jeans and a cardigan, coat and blazer and a bag  with snake pattern.
The long and short boots are from the Suicide Awereness Hunt from Laitreya.The Suicide Awereness Hunt is from  November 15- till December 15th .
Help Juliana recover from depression via this interactive hunt
Hunt Item your looking for : a yellow ribbon.  the hunt has two story lines:  Lately, Juliana doesnt want to go out, work, or do anything social. She has turned off her phones for two weeks now. Her days are spend in SL while in RL she doesnt shower and barely eats.
Nothing matters to her anymore. There is no joy in life.
In desperation, feeling as if her life is meaningless, she took some pills in her hand, ready to end it all. But with her other free hand, she reached out for her cellphone, turned it on and called for help to a help line.
Can you help save Juliana in time?
There are two routes to this hunt – One leads to a sad ending but with great healing, and the second one leads to a success story.
Follow the hints – the hints are actual Real Life resources.
The hints will lead you to where the gift hides in the next store.

Now about the snake items: the cardigan and the shorts are a part of a groupgift  from Alb Dream Fashion. Because of the snake pattern i went to Gizza to buy the nice skinny snake leather jeans. And from inventory is the bag from R.Icielli.
The blazer on the first picture is from  the Charming Hunt at R.icielli. Every item 15ld ( search a cupcake). Outside  the shop on a huge board you can see what is in the hunt and the numbers. The long snake coat is also from that hunt.

The turtle neck pullis are from Paradisis. I introduced them in my yesterdays post.

Cardigan and shorts: Alb Dream Fashion - ALB  + ShuShu trend group women ( free but group join fee)
Short and long boots: Laitreya - Latreia FootFashions SAH # (free)
Jeans: Gizza - GizzA - Skinny Pants [Leather Brown] MESH
Blazer: R.icielli - Ricielli Mesh - CHARMING hunt item#17 ( 15ld)
Snake coat: R.icielli - Ricielli Mesh - CHARMING hunt item#13 ( 15ld)
From inventory: Hair - Dela; Bag - R.icielli; Pulli's - Paradisis

Bye bye, Nic

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