Friday, November 4, 2011

in the morning

Mmmm french baquette... with marmelade...I am eating it now in rl.. and that made me search for the bag of baquettes in my inventory (Once a freebie from TOSL)
I show the absolute "must-have" ( lol) in my opinion.. but i already saw more avatars walking around in this vest from Oyakin.. it is worth while paying for.
The blouse is a groupgift from C'est moi! I tp-ed there by accident after long time and didn't regret it. Also another groupgift there ( pumps)..
And i want show you the antique pendant necklace from lucky board at Fairy Tail. Waited there long time but... i have it )))) Didn't i tell you i love watches in sl?!
The black vest is from Aoharu. Many wearing options included.( sale )

Antique pendant: Fairy Tail - [Fairy Tail]Apis Peri GIFT ( free)
Blouse: C'est Moi! - C'est Moi! Exclusive group gift: My flower tunic (free)
Fur: - Oyakin - oyakin*fur-vest(beige)
Coat: Aoharu - AOHARU_BT_DownVest_with_Shirt_Black-B_Female

Enjoy your morning and day , Nic

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