Monday, November 14, 2011


The kiss on the world famous picture behind Nic and tjip (as man) is from Alfred Eisenstadt taken at Times Square at 14 august 1945, the day of the capitulation of Japan.
Nic and tjip show in the same pose the Pin Up Girl outfit and new mens stuff from the MENstuff Hunt. There are many world famous pictures from kisses. For example Robert Doisneau made a very beautiful one. Pictures of kisses i show you now in my gallery in Lovina. All welcome.

The sailor outfit is from the midnight mania board in the shop.
The eyes and hair and shape are such a good gift. I like the special colour of the eyes.
The sweater from Gizza has such good quality details. Same can be said from the pants from Connors. So all together tjip is a very good-looking man.

Pants: Connors - MENstuff Gift # 40 *Connors* ( free)
Sweater: Gizza - GizzA - SweatShirt [Beige / Lines Green] ( free)
Hair, eyes and shape: MADesigns - Gift From MADesigns/ KMADD ~ Men's Stuff ( free)
Pin Up Girl: Chichi of London - Chichi of London, Pin Up Girl, (free)
Pose: !bang - !bang - celebrate


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